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About Us

Sphenoid Ireland is a volunteer humanitarian organization developed from history of the Irish Institute of Naturopathic Medicine / IINM Suicide prevention established in October 2014. Our focus is in Research, Training and Integrated Health Support. Please note Sphenoid Ireland are applied status on the Charity Regulatory Authority.


The aim of Sphenoid Ireland is the need to restore well-being and to enhance the quality of life of members of the community seeking help in recovery through the provision of integrated conventional and naturopathic option of health support services and training. The Integrated Collaborative aims to promote integrated healthcare. Delivery - to promote the development of a range of integrated models of service provision which offers choice, including access to integrated collaborative wellbeing health care programme. Education - to promote the development of a basis for person centred healthcare education and training across all healthcare professions together with programmes of continuing professional development for all practitioners.

To encourage and facilitate the distribution of clear information on researched methods of wellbeing healthcare to service providers, patients and the public. To encourage the establishment, maintenance and development of systems research. To encourage the development of collaborative research into the effectiveness and clinical efficacy of health support options. The need for the individuals to come first. Patients and their families need to be treated as a whole with equal recognition given to their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. All appropriate and effective forms of health care should be available to those who need them.

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Marian Mulligan

CEO Sphenoid Ireland

About Marian Mulligan

Marian Mulligan led a major initiative in the management of violence within UK HM Prisons from 1985 to 1999. She served on the Executive Committee of the original Cranial Osteopathic Association in the UK and on the therapeutic internal task forces within the UK prison system. Ms.Mulligan is a fellow of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners. She was overall award winner in 2009 in excellence in practice and shortlisted in 1998 for the Foundation of Integrated Medicine award. Research on my programme was initiated by the Director of Operations, Prison Service South and undertaken by the Centre of Crime and Justice Studies, Kings College Hospital in 1998.

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